The Asian Community Development Corporation recently cleaned up an abandoned lot next to the Chinatown Gate and has built a pop up garden in collaboration with the Pao Arts Center. They are looking for donations and hoping to have volunteers staff the garden so that people from the community can use the space more often. If you are interested or able, reach out to

IMG_7756 2

Image from Chinatown Backyard opening day. May 25th, 2019

Here are their needs: Thurs-Fridays: Shift 1 is 2-5pm; Shift 2 is 5-8pm
Sat-Sundays: Shift 1 is 10am-1pm; 1pm-4pm
Roles would include:
  • engaging visitors & encouraging them to share feedback/hopes for the space
  • responding to visitors’ questions & communicating updates
  • maintaining the space & encouraging positive use of space (especially reinforcing no dogs peeing/pooping, no public urination, no smoking)

Donation needs and services include: general donations, building more beds (possibly a greenhouse), rodent control issues, and working with new gardeners.

Here are a list of upcoming events of interest. Let us know if you have any more we should add:

  • November 19, 2019: Slow Food conversation: Worker Justice = Food Justice at Remnant Brewing in Somerville at 6 pm
  • November 20-24: 2019 Biodynamic Conference, Cultivating Relationships, Lake George, NY
  • November 20-24: AYNI Fall Seeds Program, (it looks like the sign up for this year is full but sign up here to be notified about next year)

This year FJL is bringing back our website. We might reformat some things along the way but we wanted to make sure we have a platform to keep you all up- to- date on what’s happening. For our first post, we wanted to share two items of interest. First, an article by Friedman’s own Melissa Gordon on Food First:

Taking Utopian Thinking Seriously

The second item is a map highlighting calls for land reparations across the county. Check it out below:


Support “Regrow Puerto Rico” by donating here:

There are many organizations working to raise funds for Puerto Rico and Friedman Justice League has chosen to pool our efforts to Support “Regrow Puerto Rico”.  Please consider donating at the link above and encourage your network to spread the word.

We would like to extend a hearty thanks for giving of your time and reflection to the Puerto Rico Lunch n’Learn last week. It was clearly of great interest to the minds and concerned hearts on campus, and we’re grateful for what all of you brought to the conversation.


The Friedman Justice League (FJL) invites you to an awareness campaign of activities and events to explore farmworker and labor justice. We are excited to host and partner with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) during the campaign. All are welcome and encouraged to participate and contribute as much as possible. We hope to see you!

WHAT’S IN YOUR FOOD?, Installation and Dialogue

Ongoing, 4/17-25 The Friedman School

The installation will be a visual representation of nutritional and social impacts of, “What’s in your food?” It will be posted throughout the Friedman School public spaces to inspire reflection and dialogue throughout the campaign. Created by FJL members, Alejandra Cabrera and Julie Kurtz.



Wednesday, 4/19 Behrakis Auditorium 12:15-1:15pm

During the Friedman Seminar, guests from CIW will share about their Campaign for Fair Food and how farm labor justice connections to nutrition, agriculture, and food systems policy. Bring your questions! The seminar will be livestreamed at



Thursday, 4/20 Jaharis Café 11-1:30pm

The poster-making session will prepare signs, chants, and testimonials for the Wendy’s Boycott on Saturday. This is a great way to engage creatively and express your support for farmworker and labor justice. Please bring cardboard, poster board, markers, paints, etc!


WENDY’S BOYCOTT, Direct Action

Saturday, 4/22 Wendy’s 551 Boylston Street 12-2pm

CIW is hosting this consumer and citizen direct action to urge Wendy’s to join the Fair Food

Program, which verifies humane working conditions and fair wages for workers across the supply chain. You can support by attending, helping the poster-making session, and spreading the word!



Tuesday, 4/25 Jaharis 254 12-1:15pm

Following the Seminar and Direct Action, FJL will host a brown bag lunch and learn to discuss

farmworker and labor justice. What have we learned? Where are we going? This is a way to

engage in an intimate, small-group setting.

Flier_FarmworkerAwarenessCampaignWendy’s Boycott One-Pager