Our Mission

  • The Friedman Justice League seeks to make our community more diverse and find ways to allow the Friedman community to better address issues of discrimination and oppression in its teachings, research, and programs.

Short Term Goals

  • Educate the Friedman School community about how different communities are disparately impacted by the food system on the basis of race, class, gender, and age demographics.
  • Organize learning opportunities (i.e. speaking events by local leaders, film screenings, diversity trainings) for faculty, staff and students. This group will also take responsibility for communicating with the Friedman School community about learning opportunities outside of the University.
  • Enhance the diversity of speakers invited to Friedman School events, including more people of color and community-based experts.

Long Term Goals 

  • Ensure that students who graduate from the Friedman School are proficient in understanding the impacts of discrimination on the food system and are aware of principles of cultural competence.
  • Partner with the Office of Admissions to increase the number of non-white students who attend the Friedman School.
  • Work with the Office of Academic Affairs and faculty to increase the number of non-white faculty and staff members.
  • Create a sustained dialogue about discrimination and oppression in class curricula and other school-based programming

Vision for Action



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